Action TD1401 Organization

Chair of the Action Dr. Etiennette Auffray

Vice Chair of the Action Prof Marco Paganoni

Science officer of the Action Dr. Mónica PÉREZ-CABERO

Administrative officer of the Action Ms. Aranzau SANCHEZ

Working groups

The FAST COST is divided in 5 Working Groups (WGs):
  • WG 1: Physics, Specifications

    Leader: Paul Lecoq
    Vice-Leader: Denis Schaart;

  • WG 2: Scintillators

    Leader: Martin Nikl
    Vice-Leader: Christophe Dujardin;

  • WG 3: Photo detectors

    Leader: Claudio Piemonte
    Vice-Leader: Eduardo Charbon;

  • WG 4: Fast Electronics

    Leader: Joao Varela
    Vice-Leader: Christian Morel;

  • WG 5: Applications and End users

    Leader: Pedro Almeida
    Vice-Leader: Stefaan Tavernier;

Other Coordinators

STSM organization, selection: George Loudos

Industrial contact: Karl Ziemons

Outreach/dissemination coordinator: Harry Tsoumpas

ESR involvement: Maria Georgiou