Action TD1401 Organization

Chair of the Action Dr. Etiennette Auffray

Vice Chair of the Action Prof Marco Paganoni

Science officer of the Action Dr. Maria MORAGUES CANOVAS

Administrative officer of the Action Ms. Aranzau SANCHEZ

Working groups

The FAST COST is divided in 5 Working Groups (WGs):
  • WG 1: Physics, Specifications

    Leader: Paul Lecoq
    Vice-Leader: Denis Schaart;

  • WG 2: Scintillators

    Leader: Martin Nikl
    Vice-Leader: Christophe Dujardin;

  • WG 3: Photo detectors

    Leader: Claudio Piemonte
    Vice-Leader: Eduardo Charbon;

  • WG 4: Fast Electronics

    Leader: Joao Varela
    Vice-Leader: Christian Morel;

  • WG 5: Applications and End users

    Leader: Pedro Almeida
    Vice-Leader: Stefaan Tavernier;

Other Coordinators

STSM organization, selection: George Loudos

Industrial contact: Karl Ziemons

Outreach/dissemination coordinator: Harry Tsoumpas

ESR involvement: Maria Georgiou